10 Ways To Be An Adventurous Man

If there’s one thing every woman dreams of, it’s falling in love with an adventurous man. Women find exciting, adventurous men to be absolutely irresistible and they’ll do almost anything to snag a man like this. You probably already know this, but what you might not know is how to be that man. Well if you’re afraid that you’ll have to fight a war or jump out of plane to save a burning kitten, for women to see you as adventurous and sexy- then you’ll be relieved to know that isn’t the case. Check out these 10 easy ways to become more adventurous and appealing to the opposite sex..

1. Stop worrying. If you’re one of those guys that is the last person to do something “risky” then you’re not scoring any points with the females. Stop questioning anything that might be slightly “risky”. Now I’m not telling you to shoot up heroin and try and fly off a building because you want to look sexy and brave. Use good judgment. I’m not trying to get anyone killed… You catch my drift Cat Daddy?

2. Let Go and just go with the moment. Spontaneity is a TURN ON. Women dig it. If you can let go and just have fun, then people are going to naturally want to be around you because you bring excitement where ever you go. It’s not that hard to do either. Just make everything fun. Forget about what other people think and just do it (paid in part by Nike). This good be running into the ocean with your clothes on, all the way to stopping by the store with a friend to pick up a six pack and hit the lake on a hot summer day.

3.Experience Life Seriously, if you do this you’ll always have story’s to tell and you’ll always have people (women) wanting to be around you. The best part about this- you don’t even need to leave your town. Start by doing something you’ve never done before once every week. It can be going to a place you’ve never been, or eating a new food, seeing a band you’ve never seen… It doesn’t matter, just do something different. It’ll make you more interesting, knowledgeable, and it’ll give you some awesome stuff to talk about.

4. Explore Take an extended road trip to a strange, haunted or desolate location. Go spelunking, explore a place you’ve never been too. Take a new road every time you go somewhere. Check out alleyways… Seriously, this is a no brainer. Just explore your city or town. And if you can, the surrounding areas. This makes you seem competent (and damn good with directions). It makes you the “go to guy” for anyone that wants to go somewhere or do something, and that amps up your social value, not to mention your confidence.

5.Create Nothing says bad ass more than a guy that CREATES things. Creating is the most God-like thing you can do. It creates a certain sense of awe and respect around you. It doesn’t matter what it is- just something you like. It can be toy boats, pottery, jewelry, or web sites, blogs, poetry, songs- it doesn’t matter. Then don’t be shy to show people. Most people don’t ever create much of anything in while they’re alive, so they automatically respect and admire someone that does.

6. Get Some Hobbies Staying busy and learning new things really do a job on your ego… And again, your social value. You start becoming more scarce, more valuable because you have to be careful with your time. When something becomes scarce, people always want it more. Find some interests and get involved. If you do nothing else- do this… And number 10.

7. Switch It Up This goes hand in hand with number 3, but I think it’s unique enough to deserve it’s own place on the list. Switch things up. Nothing smells worse than predictability. When you fall into the same routines and hobbies for EVERYTHING, then your life becomes a ritual, and a habit. That’s bland, that’s boring and that’s unattractive. Don’t let it be you. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a few habits, like going to the gym, or maybe a success ritual you do in the morning- that’s cool. Just don’t let your life become a “paint by the numbers” portrait. It doesn’t sit well in the stomach.

8. Buy A Dog Dude, common’ all the cool guys in the movies always have a lovable, fury friend (crappy little dogs don’t count) that tags along loyally and gets shot in the end… Oops. Look, beer is mans best friend, but dog is mans second best friend. Real men love dogs. Weird men that tripped too much acid like cats. Get a dog. Preferably a big beautiful dog that gorgeous women can’t resist petting.

9. Travel To A Different Country Every guy has wanted to jump on a ship and sail across the ocean to go hunt dangerous animals and sleep with exotic women… But it’s 2010 now, and if you that you’ll go to prison for poaching and have an Asian boyfriend named Long- and that’s not manly. Seriously though, traveling to another country is an EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE. And it’s very adventurous… Even in 2010… Look out for Long…

10. Find Your Passion Wow- if I could put into words how big this is, then it would probably be size 46 font. As a man, your passion is your everything. With out you’ll feel pathetic, lonely and unhappy. You need to figure out what you love and pursue it with an undying devotion. Passion will fuel your existence, and bring out your inner warrior. Without it, you won’t EVER be happy. If you don’t believe that… Well then I’m sorry, because it’s a fact. So strike the match that’ll light a fire inside you and consume your entire being. Life will NEVER be the same after that.

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