About The Men

In this time of https://essayhelp-now.com/ political correctness,  and male passiveness, something had to be done to save the male gender. Little did the world know that in this dramatic time in the course of the earth, something was happening that would shake the very existence of the entire future of mankind…

“I heard a desperate cry from every side. Young boys trying desperately to find their place in a world that had shunned them, and left them to the mercy of political cowards and men in black suits pulling the strings to magazines and tveazemd shows like “Mens Health” and “Mtv”… There is a war raging gentleman, and it may take every ounce of courage you can muster to fight back, but fight back we will. By our strength we will tear down the facade of “masculinity” and rebuild it from the ground up. We will abandon tight jeans and hair blowers, we will leave our baggy clothes and flat billed hats in the dust, and we WILL become men. By our intelligence and confidence we will show the world that we will not be turned into pacifistic, soft boys. We will let the world know that they will never strip us of our right to be men, and we will fight to our dying breath to be the warriors, the lovers, and the leaders of the world…”

It was through this speech that something amazing happened. It was the birth of something revolutionary and controversial. The earth groaned with labor pains as she gave birth to a mystical, band of heroes. This band of brothers become known as “The Manly-Man Men” and they vowed to avenge the sins of the pathetic worms that had plagued the land with their false teachings. They vowed to rise up and smite the worms that had changed brothers to sisters, sons to daughters, and husbands to mere bitches. They vowed that they would lead a new generation, not of males but of MEN!

Listen to me brother, you must search deep within how to get a medical cannabis card yourself and find the strength that lies dormant. Strike a match and light yourself with passion and youthful vigor. Feel the fire rise throughout your body as you join arms with “The Manly-Man Men”. You will never be the same…

-Oh, and tell your friends to join too!

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