Q&A: How To Ask A Woman Out Without Looking Needy

How Do I ask Her Out Without Looking Desperate? – TR from Springfield

Answer: How do you cut an apple without cutting a potato?

Asking a woman out should have nothing to do with desperation. Period.

Obsessing over girls is never a good thing, but it’s something most guys have to deal with, and get over.

So get over it. Now.

First off, it all starts out with security, and who you are. You’ve obviously figured out that girls don’t like desperate guys, they aren’t attracted to that, and never will be. They’re hardwired to want: Secure, Confident, Assertive males that DON’T NEED THEM.

It’s funny that most guys think that if they can just tell this girl how much they love them, and blah blah blah that the girl will fall in love with them… Well that might work if you’re Jonny Depp lol, besides that it makes you look like a desperate creep, and it severely handicapps your chances.

People in general (women especially) want what they CAN’T have. Think of playing with a cat with a piece of string. You keep pulling the string away from the cat, and the cat stays at your attention, trying over and over again to get the string. Eventually you let the cat have the string.. It looks at it for a second, and then walks away for something more interesting or challenging…

Women are a lot like that. Make them chase you. Make them WANT YOU SO bad just by being aloof, and hard to get.

You can do that by only calling her a couple times a week. Not texting her back for longer than you normally would. Not getting physical for a little while, but make sure she knows you’re not afraid to. Maybe start kissing, and then when she starts to get really hot, just stop, and do something else. It’ll drive her crazy.

You could also get a life and not make women the center of your universe.

If a woman gets bitchy, blow it off. You should never put up with her BS. Keep the mindset that you’re “The Catch” that lots of women want you, even if they don’t right now, they eventually will if you start to become THAT GUY, and almost anyone can be that guy…

Ok, so for some practical advice. DONT ASK HER OUT yet. Keep it chill, maybe hang out with her once a week at first, talk to her on the phone seldom. DONT text her all day. If she asks why, tell her you’re busy. If she wants to know what you’re doing, make up something stupid. Don’t ever give in to her demands, she doesn’t want you too. She’s TESTING YOU.

Don’t make her the center of your life. Don’t base your plans around her in any way. Some women will see what you’re doing and get an attitude or act disinterested. Don’t let that phase you, meet another woman.

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